Pay-Per-Click AdWords Management – Twin Cities, MN

  • Do you know the percentage of Google users who click on paid ads?
  • Do higher bidding amounts increase your ads’ rankings?
  • Can you force your competitors to pay more for their ads?

As the leading search engine optimization company in Minneapolis St. Paul, we’ve helped businesses throughout Minnesota and nationally to dominate Google rankings for a wide range of keyword searches. That’s the core of our top-notch services. Recently, research has shown that up to 30% of Google searchers regularly click pay-per-click ads. That’s a significant percentage and offers new opportunities to increase target web traffic. Using the same proven, research-based expertise we apply to SEO, we also help our clients maximize the success of their Google AdWords campaigns.

Both SEO and pay-per-click campaigns are based on successful marketing websites. Both deliver motivated potential customers and clients to your company’s website, but they’re very different in cost and effectiveness. SEO acts around the clock every day to deliver visitors to your website. About 70% of Google users click through only on those organic listings. A carefully-planned and executed AdWords PPC strategy can bring the other 30% of users to landing pages on your website for specific marketing purposes. The two approaches have their unique advantages and supplement each other’s results.

Professional AdWords SEM Management for Minnesota Businesses – Minneapolis St. Paul

Everything our Twin Cities search engine marketing team does for our clients has just one goal: delivering more visitors to their websites and converting those visitors into active leads and sales. We actively seek out opportunities in SEO and AdWords PPC marketing for our regular clients and consult with them to find the most effective strategies. The result is higher revenues and increased business. We encourage you to contact us to discuss your internet marketing needs. We’ll show you what we have accomplished for Minnesota businesses like yours and work with you to design strategies that will get results you will see on your bottom line. Call today to get the conversation started.