Upgrading vs Replacing Your Computer Hardware and Software

  • Are your old computers decreasing your business productivity?
  • Will adding more memory to your computers make a big difference?
  • Is it time to switch to Microsoft Office 365?

Do you need new computers? Should you upgrade to Windows 10? Do you need to migrate to Windows Server 2016? Based on advertising and other pressures, you’d think you needed to run out immediately and replace all the computers and software programs. Fortunately, in most cases, that’s simply not true. At some point, you will need to update your hardware and software, but knowing when you should do that can be difficult. Our comprehensive computer technical services are designed to help business owners in Minneapolis St. Paul make the right decisions at the right tome. Here are some questions to ask to help you with such decisions:

Computer Update and Replacement Services in Minneapolis St. Paul, MN

As the leading IT support company in Minnesota, we understand the need for updating small business computer systems. We can help you decide what works best for you and keep the costs down. We update and replace server, desktop and laptop computers with additional memory and storage to extend their productive life. When new hardware, software and network updates are needed, rely on our superbly trained, experienced technicians to recommend ideal solutions, install them and integrate updates into your current system. Contact us now to discuss your IT service needs. At competitive rates, our business computing expertise will assist you from initial planning and price quotes to ideal installation and configuration services. We’re dedicated to helping you keep your Twin Cities computer system economical and productive.