File-Sharing Management Services – Minneapolis St. Paul, MN

  • How can you prevent unauthorized access to important files?
  • Is your customers’ information stored safely?
  • Do your employees use strong passwords to log onto your network?

For any business with more than a few employees, computer network operations serve a wide range of specialized tasks. The complexity of your server-client network is equivalent to your organizational chart. Just as individuals and groups at your company have carefully planned and specified duties and responsibilities, your technology environment must be organized specifically to match your organization. It’s not just a matter of convenience, either. The security and integrity of your data could be at risk if you don’t have a well-designed comprehensive plan. When our certified IT professionals configure and organize your server and network, a major part of our work involves file-sharing and security.

Here’s the bottom line: Every employee at your company should ONLY be granted the permission to view files that are relevant to that employee’s job. Your accountant doesn’t need access to operational data and your warehouse employees shouldn’t see payroll files. That’s why every data-sharing server requires careful access control implementation. Your file-sharing system is a crucial and complex part of your network configuration. Whether your company uses a peer-to-peer Window network or requires multiple file servers, your network system should be designed and managed by IT specialists, like those who are part of our Minneapolis St. Paul on-call IT services company.

Network File-Sharing Tech Support – Twin Cities, MN

As a Minneapolis St. Paul IT services company with 15+ years of experience in assisting clients with all aspects of their computer technical support, we have seen companies using unsafe and uncontrolled strategies when it comes to securing their sensitive files and documents. When we were called in, serious data compromises may have already taken place. That’s why we’re so meticulous in helping our clients structure an ironclad file-sharing system with outstanding permission controls. Your cost-effective investment in this aspect of our services will pay off through a superbly accessible file system that has outstanding security built into it from the very beginning. We will work closely with you to create a system that is easy to maintain but almost impossible to breach. Contact us today to take advantage of our extensive expertise for your existing network or to help you create a new environment from scratch. It costs no more to achieve the best results. Let us give you a price quote for any IT support services you require.