Computer and Network Security Services – Twin Cities, MN

  • How can you avoid hackers from getting access to sensitive data?
  • Are viruses and malware really such a huge problem?
  • What can you do to protect your customers’ information?

Every Minnesota business owner remembers the recent Target Corporation’s customer data comprise. It cost Target millions of dollars and affected the company’s customer relations for some time. What may not seem obvious is that similar security breaches can happen to small and midsize companies. Today, a wide range of threats can cripple business operations and cost a large amount of time and money. As the leading IT support company in the Twin Cities, one of our most crucial responsibilities is helping our clients avoid attacks from hackers and from a wide range of malware and viruses.

Each day, any internet-connected computer is subject to probes from hackers who are looking for vulnerabilities by using automated software that seeks them out. In addition, constantly updated and new virus and malware software threats are constantly lurking on the internet, in email attachments, and even in such simple devices as USB flash memory drives. Our experienced technicians and engineers in the Twin Cities are constantly studying these threats and can successfully protect your network from attack. Even if a virus or malware program slips by, we can quickly remove it. At a very reasonable cost, we can provide enterprise-grade protection for your entire technology environment in the following ways and more:

Complete Network System Protection Is Crucial – Minneapolis St. Paul, MN

Among the complete menu of business computer network services we offer, powerful, enterprise-level protection against hacking, viruses and malware is the most cost-effective of all. Our specialists will create a comprehensive system to effectively block malicious software and hackers from attacking your network and all devices that connect to it. When you compare the low cost of this protection to the potentially crippling cost of an attack, the benefits are obvious. Contact us today to discuss the security of your technology environment. We will be happy to propose and implement a powerful protection program for you at a competitive cost that makes sense.