Business Computer Network and Windows Server Services – Twin Cities, MN

  • Are you still using unsupported Microsoft Windows Server 2003?
  • Is your data well protected and backed up regularly?
  • Could your network configuration be crippling your productivity?

For any business with more than a few employees, a computer network is an essential part of all computerized operations. Without a smoothly running, secure network, effective productivity is next to impossible. As the leading IT support company in Minneapolis St. Paul, we help our clients to create and manage their Windows servers, workstations, and network operations in a way that promotes maximum productivity, data management and security, at highly affordable costs.

The result is a customized system designed specifically for the needs of each client’s company. On a day-to-day basis, it operates without the need for constant oversight, working flawlessly to facilitate the full range of business functions. When additional attention is needed, our experienced, certified engineers and technicians are on-call to deliver maintenance, troubleshooting, expansion, repairs and upgrades. For each client company we serve in the Twin Cities area, we act as their IT Department, supplying proven expertise and fast response at highly competitive rates. A trouble-free, rock-solid, secure network system is always our highest priority, and our established clients enjoy systems that operate without creating stress or problems. Our expertise helps businesses focus on their primary goals.

Trusted Minnesota Business Network Service Provider

We have been serving the needs of a wide range of business clients by providing complete, certified Microsoft Windows Server network services for over 15 years. Our team of network engineers has the training, experience and creativity to become your on-demand IT Department, whether you have 5 employees or 500. Our customized network configuration capabilities and immediate availability to respond to support and management issues make us an ideal alternative to an in-house IT Department. We encourage you to contact us soon for a consultation and a discussion of how we can serve you. We can form an ongoing partnership with your unique business and assure you of a trouble-free, secure environment that lets you focus on other management priorities.