Protect Your Business Computers and Networks from Ransomware – Twin Cities, MN

Throughout the Minneapolis St. Paul metro area, businesses of all sizes are worried about the frequent reports of computer systems being held for ransom by malicious software known as ransomware. In a typical attack, computer programs and data are encrypted and systems are locked up by the criminals. As a leading IT technical services company in Minnesota, we want everyone to be aware of this danger and help businesses, small and large, take steps to protect themselves from malicious software that is being spread all over the world by sophisticated extortionists. You should know that paying the ransom demands to these criminals does not ensure that your data and access will be returned. All too often, businesses pay ransom fees to have their data unencrypted and restored, only to find that their money is gone along with their data.

Fortunately, by carefully following the common-sense set of guidelines listed below, you can protect your systems and data from almost all malware attacks. The same measures will also work to prevent viruses and malware from getting to your systems and data. Proper protection requires vigilance by everyone in a company or organization, of course. That’s why training employees about these security risks and insisting that they follow safe practices is essential. Since no system of protections is foolproof, though, you’ll also find tips on creating a redundant backup program that can be used to restore your systems in the case of a ransomware attack or other malicious activity.

Essential Steps for Preventing Ransomware and Malware Attacks

Steps You Can Take to Ensure a Fast, Safe Recovery from a Ransomware Attack

Despite all precautions, it’s possible for a virus, malware or ransomware attack to successfully invade your PC or Network. Since new malware is created daily, there’s always a new threat making the rounds. Your best protection against these attacks, as well as system failures, is a planned and regularly updated system and data backup program. If such a program is in place, you can restore your system quickly and safely and get back to work. If you don’t have a backup available, recovery may be impossible. One of the most valuable services our IT services company in Minneapolis St. Paul offers is a comprehensive backup solution that matches your needs. A complete backup system includes:

Data Security Implementation Against Ransomware – Minneapolis St. Paul

By following the simple precautions listed above and through the creation of a robust, redundant backup system for operating systems, network configurations and application and data files, businesses of all sizes can protect themselves against all threats, including ransomware, viruses and malware. While no prevention program can ever be 100% effective, safeguarding data should be a top priority for every business. The preventive measures we recommend will prevent almost all ransomware threats, if followed closely. The backup strategies shown above are further insurance. Contact our Twin Cities IT support company soon to discuss your data security and protection measures against outside threats. We will be happy to help you create a comprehensive program to ensure your data integrity and provides a simple path to restoration should disaster strike.