Search Engine Optimization – Twin Cities, MN

  • How many Google searches are related to your business?
  • Do you know why SEO and Web Design need to be integrated?
  • How many leads and sales do you get from search engines?

Every day, in every regional market, like Minneapolis St. Paul, tens of thousands of internet users search on Google, Yahoo and Bing for the products and services your company offers. They enter a wide range of keywords, phrases and questions and choose websites ranked at the top to visit. The top three listed websites get about 80% of all clicks. Does your website rank anywhere on Google, the leading search engine? If not, those motivated potential customers will not have the chance to see what your company has to offer. Even worse, they will find your competitors and buy their services and products.

The optimized websites created by our highly rated team use research-based search engine optimization to get our clients consistent top-of-the-first-page rankings. Those high rankings lead to more web traffic, more conversion and more sales for our clients. We will be happy to show you how our SEO service gives you a competitive edge.

Fully Optimized Business Websites by Design – Minneapolis St. Paul, MN

At Computer Lifeline, our website creation team is made up of proven, experienced site designers, SEO and AdWords consultants, plus talented marketing copywriters. Every member of the team focuses entirely on producing a website for each client that attracts, retains and converts visitors far better than typical sites. Our competitive pricing keeps your costs under control, but the results you get are far superior to run-of-the mill web design and SEO companies. The proof is in the high rankings and web traffic we have obtained for our satisfied clients in every business sector. Contact us for a free, no-obligation evaluation of your current internet marketing strategy. We’ll give you an objective analysis and give you a price quote for a custom-designed proposal for your business. There’s nothing to lose, and everything to gain.