Wireless Network Support – Minneapolis St. Paul, MN

  • How can you improve your slow, spotty wireless internal network connections?
  • How can you provide Wi-Fi hotspots for your customers without security risks?
  • Is your old router slowing down your connection speed?

The past few years have seen a revolution in computer network technology. At every Minnesota and national company, many employees now rely on laptops, notebooks, tablets and mobile devices for much of their work. In addition, many companies are providing flexible work locations for their employees. The devices they use all connect to the company’s network system wirelessly. No Ethernet cables are involved. That’s the reality, and IT support staff must provide broadband wireless access throughout the business location. An additional development is the increasing need of businesses to provide Wi-Fi internet access to their customers and visiting vendors when they are on the premises. All of this access is important, but this new way of connecting all computers is not without concerns. Chief among those issues is security.

As the Twin Cities leader in on-call tech support, we provide our clients in Minneapolis St. Paul with a complete menu of network services. We understand how important it is to offer users fast connectivity and broadband access to data. We’re also experts in setting up Wi-Fi services for customers, clients, guests and vendors. Wireless connectivity is becoming more and more important, and may become the primary way for individuals to stay connected in the near future. We’re also aware of the risks of Wi-Fi connections and supply our clients with solutions that effectively protect access and data from intruders. Your wireless connectivity must have ironclad security protection.

Wireless Network Technical Support Services – Twin Cities, MN

For Minnesota businesses large and small, wireless connectivity is a necessity today. Portable computers and mobile devices are rapidly replacing the typical desktop computer and fixed workspace. Wi-Fi hotspots are an expected amenity, too. Due to high security risks with network access, however, only highly trained and certified technician and engineers should be entrusted to establish wireless connectivity for your business. There’s just too much at risk to rely on amateur solutions. Our specialists have been assisting our clients with their wireless broadband solutions for years, and are ready to help you with expert equipment selection, installation and configuration. Call us today for an evaluation and affordable price quote for a fast, reliable and secure networking solution for your business. We’ll be glad to help.